Aanavilasam Luxury Plantation House is an ideal place for a plantation stay,If you choose to stay with us you will enjoy modern home comforts. Whether you are looking for a short weekend break or a longer holiday.

Honeymooners Paradise

One of the most romantic and secluded places on earth. Aanavilasam is the ultimate vacation  that attracts hundreds of honeymooners from all over the world every year. Exciting Aanavilasam honeymoon holidays give a charming start to the married life.
Privacy, relaxation, luxurious comfort and spectacular views of the surrounding planation, It is truly an experience that cannot be expressed in words. Taking a refreshing dip together in the private pool and when the sun sets, dining under the stars.
Yes, this picture comes to life on a honeymoon at Aanavilasam!


Plantation Tour

Aanavilasam is a seven acre cardamom and pepper plantation. A popular feature offered to our guests is a guided tour around the plantation with informative comments on the cultivation and harvesting of these important spices. Learn all about the processes which each go through before they are ready for the kitchen or the table. The tour lasts for about thirty minutes. is is quite easy walking and questions are welcomed.

What you have done with the property is stunning!  And all the various activities available to your lucky guests – how wonderful!  And what variety!
Anne & Michael
Our First Guest



Ditch the drugs. They might promise you miracles, but the effects, most of the times, would only be temporary. There are no quick-fix methods to getting fit. You have heard it before, but Ayurveda is a long-lasting solution to mental and physical fitness. Today, it is all about “wellness” and wellness is attained without adhering to medicine. In fact, this wellness achieved through physical and mental activity is the best ‘medicine’.

Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are the buzzwords. Yes, they have been around for centuries.  Not only do they help you look good and stay fit but are also an effective remedy for ailments.


Cookery Demonstration

Learn to cook one authentic Keralan dish during the cooking demonstration organized by the Chef. It is designed to suit the guests requirements. Individuals and groups are accommodated.


Birds at Aanavilasam

For lovers of our feathered friends, Aanavilasam is blessed with some of the most exotic and colourful birds to be found in the region. Many of the rarer species are regularly spotted around the plantation. At times the air rings with the cries of up to 30 different kinds. To name but a few; hornbills, raquet-tailed drongos, mynahs and parakeets, treepies and Indian kingfishers are daily visitors.



Guests are welcome to visit our new cow byre. This purpose-built building, apart from its stylish design, is intended to be a hygienic and cow-friendly structure,  with bright internal fittings and an efficient waste processing unit.  Steps inside lead to a spacious viewing balcony. As well as milk, bio-gas is produced which supplies our kitchen.

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